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Proving your competency as an Installer and/or Surveyor is mandatory when you self-certify your installations. This is a mandatory requirement in fenestration and is set by Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG).


FENSA can assess your competency using Route 3 of the Mandatory Technical Competency (MTC) framework set by MHCLG.  This is using your fenestration industry experience.


Complete this form if you do not already have a competency card or certificate or if you do have a competency card or certificate that was not achieved through FENSA.


If you do not have a competency card or certificate, your assessment will consist of an Online Knowledge Assessment and Onsite Assessment.

If you do have a competency card or certificate but not obtained through FENSA, your assessment will consist of an onsite Assessment.


Every individual that successfully achieved or renewed their MTC Competency will receive a FENSA Skills card.

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